Our Mission

"Feeding the hungry today.  Helping solve hunger tomorrow."

The Giving Plate opened its doors in April 2010 through the efforts of Gary & Debra Kelso. Their passion was to serve the community during a poor economic time where many were struggling to make ends meet.  Initially they thought helping 500 families have food on their table would be amazing, but within months from opening they had registered that 500th family and they began to realize the need was much bigger than they ever imagined. The community need for food continued to rise at an astounding rate and has not let up.  We purpose to serve with compassion and hospitality removing the clinical experience of entering a food bank.


The Giving Plate plans to distribute 7,000 food boxes, each containing 5 days’ worth of groceries for each child and adult who comes to our door in 2017.

Between 2010 to date, The Giving Plate (TGP) has distributed close to 3 million pounds of food in Central Oregon.

  • TGP provides 6,000 sack lunches and tote-bags of nutrient-dense food to children a year, separate from their family's standard food box.
  • TGP is the only food bank in Central Oregon that delivers food boxes to home-bound individuals, and is open on Saturdays.
  • Children comprise 36% of all guests.

Gary and Debi Kelso met while serving at Shepherd's House together in early 2007. Debi had lived in Bend for 25 years, recently retired from the school district. Gary, a former Wisconsin business owner, had completed a discipleship program at Salem's Union Gospel Mission before helping open Shepherd's House in 2005. "While serving together, our eyes were opened to the need our community had for food relief," says Debi. The two decided to do what they could to help.  After a great deal of thought and prayer, they used Debi's savings to fund The Giving Plate’s startup fees and expenses. Soon after, The Giving Plate opened its doors, just as the economic downturn was hitting Central Oregon, leaving hundreds without jobs. It was clear from the start that this was God's timing. Gary & Debi have been committed to “rescuing” food and making it accessible to those in need ever since.


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